The RUM Company

The RUM Company
promoting upcycling

Thank you for visiting our website!

It is currently under construction but here is some initial information.

The RUM Company is promoting upcycling. RUM stands for Re-Use-Me.

Our main product range is turning old vinyl and shellac records into everyday products. Each one is carefully hand-crafted into a beautiful, yet unusual item. This idea was born out of seeing a large number of old records heading for the landfill.

We produce bowls and coasters, bookends and stands and letter-racks. Another product range is using genuine, old shellac records and turning them into classy clocks. We also use 7"singles to make smaller desk clocks.

We hope to be selling on-line some time in the future.

Are your own records no longer played?

Ask about our service where we can hand-craft them into one of our products. You can then enjoy them all over again when transformed into something you can use! For any rare record and for an extra charge, you can have them professionally digitized as CD/MP3 (Terms & Conditions apply to keep within the law).

For further information do not hesitate to contact us via email